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用例 1

<table-wrap position="anchor">
<label>Table 1</label>
<title>Incidence of COPD in Asian Countries: a Comparison
of Japan, Korea, and India</title>
<table frame="box" rules="all" cellpadding="5">...</table>
<attrib>To compile this table, the authors reviewed data
from three studies on the incidence of chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease (COPD) in Asia conducted since 2001:
(1) COPD in Japan: the Nippon COPD Epidemiology Study.
Respirology. 2004;9:458-465; (2) Prevalence of Chronic
Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Korea: A Population-based
Spirometry Survey. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2005;172:842
-847; (3) A multicentric study on epidemiology of chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease and its relationship with
tobacco smoking and environmental tobacco smoke exposure.
Indian J Chest Dis Allied Sci. 2006;48:23-27.</attrib>

用例 2

<title>Buy or Lease?<break/>
Two Models for Scholarly Information<break/>
at the End (or the Beginning) of an Era</title>
<verse-line>Some say the world will end in fire,</verse-line>
<verse-line>Some say in ice.</verse-line>
<verse-line>From what I&rsquo;ve tasted of desire</verse-line>
<verse-line>I hold with those who favor fire.</verse-line>
<verse-line>But if it had to perish twice,</verse-line>
<verse-line>I think I know enough of hate</verse-line>
<verse-line>To say that for destruction ice</verse-line>
<verse-line>Is also great</verse-line>
<verse-line>And would suffice.</verse-line>
<attrib>&mdash;Robert Frost &ldquo;Fire and Ice&rdquo;</attrib>
<p>Within living memory, our use of print (static) information has been
governed by copyright law and the practices that have evolved around it.
Enter electronic information, where publishers deliver it with licenses and
new rules, a very different framework from copyright ...</p>

用例 3

<fig id="f1" orientation="portrait" position="float">
<graphic xlink:href="f1"/>
<attrib>Brookhaven National Laboratory</attrib>